I'm Bipedal, welcome to The Silent Library: the most complete repository of English-translated Gaki no Tsukai content on the web.



2023.10.26 - The search box now links directly to the files. No need to go find it after locating what you want :)

2023.08.24 - MEGA got hit with the inevitable takedown. Sorry, pretty inconvenient! Thinking about solutions, we'll figure something out.

2023.07.29 - Started a patreon: patreon.com/thesilentlibrary and immediately someone donated €600 on paypal to pay for two 18TB hard drives, so the future's looking bright!

2023.06.05 - New torrent! 1.5TB this time.

2023.04.09 - There's a Raw Wing in the library now. Specifically for Knight Scoop, Gaki no Tsukai, Wednesday Downtown, and Hajimete no Otsukai, I'm grabbing new broadcast raws as they release, keyframe-trimming the commercials, and converting the subs to .ass and muxing them in. They're like 4x larger than what you're used to, but then you're just not used to ultimate raw quality.

2023.02.14 - A friend of the library has set up a recurring €20 donation to cover the Mega costs! I didn't even know that was possible; sincere thanks to you for helping out!

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